A boutique, independent consulting firm, we hold ourselves to a high standard, delivering results through our advanced methodologies, which we extend into all our campaigns and which could be exactly what you need to break into new markets. 

Stanislava is a skilled, experienced digital marketing specialist who focuses on gleaning insights and then using those insights to devise strategies that work. Passionate about helping brands drive results and achieve their long-term goals, she resolved to work on the cutting edge in marketing, which was why she started Digialp Media, consulting to put your needs first and emphasize the value of creative strategies and innovative solutions.

We at Digialp understand how important strong analytics is to any marketing campaign, and we offer you the in-depth understanding of your market that you need to position yourself for the future. Stanislava has a range of digital marketing and data analysis skills to help you define and understand your Facebook strategy and place it alongside other marketing channels, helping complement your other marketing strategies outside of Facebook.

We take a look at where your business is currently in order to determine which tools and techniques would be most suitable for you, carving out and describing your target audience to help you understand your audiences more deeply and tailor your ad campaigns, agile creative, and messaging to them. We connect with your audiences in order to help maximize your reach and push your business further.

Stanislava Taks

Facebook Marketing Consultant

Our mission


While every campaign is different, the mission for Digialp is always the same: peak performance. Our mission is to make a difference for our clients and help them to realize their full potential in the market. We work with forward-thinking companies that are ready to achieve more than they have – the ones that are pushing the limits of what is possible and building a future aligned with their largest goals.

Our values 


Working together, we can optimize your strategy and implementation in order to put you in the best market position possible. We combine our experience and technical skills with your rich, one-of-a-kind understanding of your business, generating constant feedback from you and inviting you to participate in our processes every step of the way. Any time that you have something to say or something to ask, we listen closely, building a productive relationship together over time and planning campaigns based on insight and connection.

Client Focus

We pay attention to the details of your business, taking care to hear to you when you are speaking about your vision, goals, and needs. This way, we can exceed your expectations constantly, delivering on time and on budget and leaving you confident that you made the right decision by enlisting our help.


Digital marketing leaves no room for guessing: all the information that we have, you will have as well, including up-to-date reports and administrative access. To make sure that we remain on the same page, we will schedule regular strategy calls together, and if there is some area in which we fall short, then we will address it quickly and decisively. More effective advertising comes down to great ideas and ongoing communication, and when we run your campaigns, you can count on plenty of both.


In advertising, flexibility and creativity are the keys to success. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why we focus on creating custom solutions tailored to your unique message and your target audience, figuring out what strategies will drive the best possible results for you.