Facebook marketing
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Whether you want to acquire new customers, increase your conversions, or engage and retain more users, we’ll help you grow by profitably scaling your Facebook and Instagram ads.

We’re always improving our strategy and your campaign tactics through fast learning, efficient testing, active reviewing, and reliable scaling.

My non-profit was looking to further our digital reach, and Stacey was a great help in showing me how Facebook advertising works. She was very knowledgeable and I learned how to create ad campaigns, schedule posts, and target different audiences. My meeting with her was an important first step in expanding our organization’s social media presence.

Ellie D. | Media & Communications | Veteran’s Breakfast Club

Oh my gosh! I learned so much! Thank you for sharing your expertise. I am so very appreciative.

Lori N. | Chief Development Officer | Camp Corral

She was so prepared and helpful! A true crash course in Facebook Ads and managing them. I feel confident I can advertise our organization, services, and fundraisers in a meaningful and cost-effective way. Highly recommend her.

Marie G. | Director | Milan Seniors for Healthy Living

Stacey is full of knowledge and experience she happily shared. She did a great job explaining and walking me through Facebook ads manager. We also talked about the current algorithm of Facebook and ways to make sure our posts will be seen. There was also a wonderful recap at the end of our conversation of all the key points we discussed.

Mara S. | Communication and Events Coordinator | Midland County Cancer Society

Facebook ads management

We’re here to recommend the best ways to use Facebook marketing through our customized approaches and commitment to help you stay ahead of the game. We maximize the use of your budget by allocating it to higher value targeting, as we set your campaigns to seek out your best customers.

By endlessly monitoring the performance of your ads, we strategically expand reach, re-engage your current audiences, and refresh your creative to avoid ad fatigue. We know that every dollar you spend should be an investment and work to optimize the performance of your ads to increase revenue and efficiency.


Ads Management Process


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In order to help your business with Facebook advertising, we will have to know more about you, what makes your business unique and what your advertising goals are.


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We apply different tools and strategies to find out as much as possible about your industry. If you’ve run ads in the past, we will look at your previous campaigns to decide what is working and what is not.


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Digital marketing campaigns are virtually an unlimited combination of targeting methods and campaign optimizations. There is absolutely no shortage of ways to show your ads to people who are more than likely to buy your products or brand.

That said, how you target your ad is one of the most important parts of a successful campaign. We have the experience to help you get up and running in the right direction.

The strategy we develop for you will reveal the advertising approach that we want to use for your business.  Once you approve this approach, we will start developing the ads.

Ad Creation

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Once we have gotten to this stage, it’s time to start building your Facebook ads. Our specialists will write the copy, the headlines, and develop images for the campaign, or we can use your creative assets.


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You will be able to review all deliverable ads from us before they go live. During our launch call we will go over all our work and get approval from you to get the new campaign live.


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This is an ongoing process once your campaign goes live. We will constantly test new combinations of available targeting approaches based on what the campaign data is telling us.  We will monitor and optimize your campaigns on a continual basis.

By testing multiple variations, we are able to identify areas of efficiency. As time passes, we will start to identify trends within the performance data and will start to optimize and scale your ads.


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Businesses that have the most successful ads on Facebook are those that are continuously analyzing their campaign data. We know as a business owner, you may not have the time to monitor, reduce errors, or optimize your campaigns.

We go out of our way to analyze the data from your campaigns and use the performance results to optimize all elements of your account.

We will continue to work to improve your campaign, while still designing new ads to prevent ad fatigue by testing new ideas and strategies to keep maximizing your return on investment.

Facebook ads consulting

Tailored one-on-one consulting services to improve the performance of your Facebook campaigns. We can guide you in starting your ads, analyzing and optimizing the performance, or simply answer any questions on marketing strategies and tactics relevant for your business. 

You will have the chance to discuss your campaigns in-depth and what you can do to improve your return on ad spend. The sessions can be conducted in person if you are local or remotely over the phone with screen-sharing.

Why Facebook ads?

The Facebook ecosystem is one of the best ways for businesses to grow in an inexpensive way, by establishing a presence and driving engagement. Our goal is to put the right advertising in the right place on Facebook and create great results.

Facebook allows you to target people who are most likely to be interested in your brand and with their advanced solutions, we setup powerful ads to generate leads, drive conversions to get people to take valuable actions on your website or app, and increase awareness.

The platform supports a range of strategic levers, including targeting, bid, budget, placements, duration, creative, and optimization, giving a huge landscape for testing to optimize and scale ads to unlock growth.

Monthly Active Users
Daily Active Users

visually impact through video ads on mobile

Streamline the purchase path by messenger interactions

foster meaningful connections with customers

increase interest in brand with immersive instagram stories Ads

leverage shareable content for faster growth

Campaign targeting capability

Core Audiences

Set rules for winning combinations by adjusting the location, demographics, interests, behaviors and connections for your ads.

Custom Audiences

Reconnect with those who already know about your business including your top site visitors, contact lists, and app users by retargeting.


Lookalike Audiences

Find new customers, with similar interests and behaviors to your current audiences, who will be most likely to respond to your brand by building similar audiences from high-value sources.

Broad Audiences

Implement Dynamic Ads for prospecting to extend the reach of your business to those who have shown interest in your or similar products across the web, based on user signals.

Industries we work with



Small Business

Facebook ads consulting

Book a Facebook marketing consultation

Through our experience with Facebook ads and other digital marketing platforms, we put the most powerful brand-building tools within your reach. We understand A/B testing, conversion optimization, and retargeting, we’re here to help you create profitable long-term strategies to get the most out of your marketing efforts by identifying and amplifying Facebook intra-channel tactics for growth. 

Frequently asked questions

Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most about our services. If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please contact us.

Why Do I Need a Facebook Marketing Consultant?

Facebook does make it much more seamless for a business to create and promote its ads, but through our experience with A/B split testing, conversion optimization, and retargeting, we optimize the chance of your campaigns becoming successful.

We have the digital marketing strategies to ensure that your ad campaigns are tailored specifically for your business, ensuring that the ads are seen by the right people.

Is There A Minimum Ad Spend?

For our Facebook Ads Management service, we manage accounts spending a minimum of $1,000 per month on Facebook/Instagram ads. The Facebook Consulting service does not have a threshold and we offer support to accounts with any ad spend.

What Are Your Setup Fees If You Have Any?

We charge a one-time setup fee which is for setting up on the end to run your campaign.  Please keep in mind, it takes time to develop your campaigns, research your industry, and understand your competitors’ advertising footprint. The setup fee compensates for this process.

How can I get started with ads management?

Once you are ready, contact us or schedule directly into the calendar online for a free consultation. We will help you find the best plan of action that works for you, then we will provide you with a Facebook marketing proposal.

If we’re the right fit, in our next discovery call, we will go over additional questions or concerns you might have.  After this initial call, we will start our research and develop a strategy that is geared directly to your business to get your ads running.

What Does the Success of my Ads Depend on?

Most Facebook ads run in a dynamic auction environment that is influenced by the external environment and the level of engagement, leads, clicks, and conversions will vary from one month to another.

But at the same time, how effectively we have created your campaign, your advertising budget, the offered product/service, and the quality of the website/landing page are some of the variables that directly impact the outcome.

We continuously oversee the behavior of the ads, monitoring the performance indicators and make strategic decisions based on incoming data to scale.

How Does Your Billing Work?

We don’t do long term contracts of any sort for Facebook Ads Management and work on a month-to-month basis where we provide a bracketed fixed management fee.  You may cancel at any time by providing a 30-day notice. For Facebook Consulting, we offer hourly rates.

Do I have to Provide content for our ads?

You are not responsible for providing content, however, if you have content, we will be more than happy to use it. 

How can I use my consulting session?

Your consulting sessions can be used in any way you want to. Here is what we offer:

→ Learn creative strategy

→ Get strategic account overviews

→ Understand scaling process

→ Learn media buying tactics

→ Testing frameworks

→ Unlimited questions & answers

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